Q. Why can’t I purchase a bed on your site?

Ans. Discovery World Furniture is a manufacturer only and sell only to bed retailers.  We do not have a retail or online outlet.  However you can search for a bed by name in any popular search engine.  We have many fine distributors who will be willing to let you purchase online.

Q.  I purchased a Discovery bed/accessory and I lost the instructions.  Where can I get duplicate instructions?

Ans. Please visit our Assembly Instructions page for duplicate instructions.

Q. There is a problem with my bed.  Who do I talk to?

Ans. Please contact the retailer that sold you your bed, they will be able to resolve your problem most efficiently.

Q. How much weight will the upper bunk support?

Ans. All of our bunk beds meet or exceed all ASTM bunk bed standards, which require the upper bunk to support 400 pounds. Click here for more on ASTM Standards.

Q. What kind of wood are your products made with?

Ans. Our products are made from 100% plantation grown Elliotis pine.

Q. What does mattress ready mean?

Ans. All of our bunk beds come with a slat kit which is basically the foundation or support needed to accommodate a mattress. There is no need to incur an additional expense for a bunkie board.