Thank you for your interest in Discovery World Furniture.

logoDiscovery has been in business since 1991. Our incorporated name is Waterfall Industries, Inc. A strange sounding name for the inquiring retailer located outside the state of Florida. “Waterfall” was the style name of the most successful Formica bedroom sets in Florida at the time. This style was a large part of our sales for the first few years. In 1993 we went after the solid wood market.

We were manufacturers prior to 1998 and found that we could not provide the level of quality and value necessary to compete with imports using domestic labor. Like most we turned to importing but unlike wholesalers today that merely distribute or broker products from manufactures in the Far East, we physically assemble goods here in Florida. Our goods do not arrive in a form that the end user or the retailer can assemble. We buy components from all over the globe to insure that we are competitive in every aspect of the product. We absolutely cannot be beat on price in our product category…. even competing against direct container. Component assembly enables us to carry huge inventories of goods, gain control of the quality, packaging and reduces handling of the final product.

2823fullOur claim to fame is providing functional youth loft systems, bunk beds, beds and case goods that are made of solid wood, have European roller drawer glide systems, styled so that the look is not customer specific at a price that cannot be beat in the market place. Our core customers consist of wholesalers and large retailers across the country as well as large internet clients. For most wholesalers in our category, the internet business is cumbersome and costly but we have worked closely with our internet clients and have streamlined the shipping and customer service processes. Badcock & More, a 370-store chain, is our largest retail customer.
While Badcock is one of the largest furniture importers in the country today, we were able to meet their price and service demands 100% from our warehouse in truckload quantities. Today, customer service is paramount. Discovery works honestly and fairly with all of its customers.
Our assembly capability enables us to react quickly to the most challenging service aspect of the furniture business…..parts requests. We have a 1-800 phone and fax number and a comprehensive website that contains all of the set-up instructions for our products as well as the ASTM safety certificates for all of our bunk beds and loft systems. These ASTM standards are not to be taken lightly. The educated retailer needs to stay on top of their suppliers in this regard. We at Discovery are well educated with the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the ASTM standards. We will not sell a product that does not meet the standards in every way…a practice that unfortunately is not followed by many importers and small domestic manufacturers.
We have the capability and do accommodate volume customers with custom finishes, details and products. All of our products are conceived in house utilizing CAD software in 3 dimensions. Feel free to present us with any product you are finding a challenge to source abroad. You will find us to be most competitive on items that can be made of pine, are relative low in cost and high in cubes.

915 Cornwall Road

Sanford, Fl 32773

Fax: 800-860-0506